Im Interview: Richard Gröttheim, CEO des schwedischen Pensionsfonds AP7

Anna-Maria Borse spricht mit Richard Gröttheim

Anna-Maria Borse im Gespräch mit Richard Gröttheim

Hier können Sie sich zum Lupus alpha Investment Fokus am 3. November 2022 anmelden.

Key Statements

"The last five years we have had a tremendous return in the stock market. We’ll go back to more normal returns in the next coming years. But I don’t believe we will see a prolonged bear market."

"You need to look at Europe not as one continent. You need to look at Europe country-wise. Economies like the German economy, the Nordic economies that have big international companies that are big players in the world markets they will still gain from what will happen in the next ten to twenty years."

"The Euro will survive. It has survived a number of crises historically. As long as France and Germany and also Italy support it, it will survive. But of course there will be new crises in the future going forward."

"We have not had a recession for ten years so It is about time. That is pretty normal if you look at the last 50 years. So I am quite optimistic when ist comes to stocks even in the next ten years."

"The war will be going on in Ukraine for some time unfortunately. But I do not see that impact the world economy more than it has so far."

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